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L.I.M.A. is an organization which

consists of only chartered AMA clubs, which are located within the AMA geographical District #34 located  In the southern portion of New York State.

The  goal of this organization is to assist AMA clubs in this area, and to promote unity amongst road riding clubs, to give a sense of brother and sisterhood to all that belong regardless of motorcycle type.

To bring to Long Island a united motorcycle community supporting each others clubs events and in doing so making the AMA a larger and stronger and much more active in providing a safer environment for motorcyclist on Long Island and in New York State.    

  L.I.M.A.ís  concept is to become the premier motorcycling organization on Long Island and still be down to earth treating all clubs in the organization as one big brother and sisterhood. To show respect to all clubs on Long Island as well. Not to lose sight of what  motorcycling is on a local level as well as the national level.

To have the ability to bring all AMA     motorcyclist who are members of an established AMA clubs together under one organization. An organization that will show pride in the AMA, and To help promote itís growth.