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1-Membership in the Organization will be submitted in writing one month prior to the regular monthly meetings.
2-Any Club requesting membership in the Organization must meet the following criteria:
a)-Must be a duly chartered AMA Motorcycle Club. Prior to their letter of request to join the Organization.
b)-All Officers, and members listed on the Charter must be current AMA Members.
3-Applications for Membership will only be accepted at any meeting.
4-A prospective Club whose application is accepted, will be placed on a three (3) month probationary period, which upon completion will be voted on or it may be determined to extend the probationary period an additional three (3) months. This probationary period will run through the riding season only March through December.
(Probationary purpose, this is being done so the Organization, and the prospective Club can get to know each other.)

5-If a Perspective Club fails to meet its probationary period it must wait till the following riding season to resubmit their application.
6-All acceptances and rejections are placed to a vote and it is decided by an 80% vote from the Organizational Body.
7-All Clubs requesting membership in the Organization will be put into two (2) Classes and they are:
a)-CTPE-A Motorcycle Club that puts on regularly scheduled AMA Sanctioned Events.
b)-CTSRC-A Motorcycle Club That is strictly a Riding Club and does not put on or plan to put on an AMA Sanctioned Event.
This Classification is being done to limit the amount of Promoting Clubs and prevent overlapping events, but not to limit the Organizations growth.
8-A Perspective Club must be in existents for one year.
9-Cause for removal from the Organization, the following will constitute grounds for removal from the roles of the Organization.
a) Any action or actions that is detrimental to the Organization.  
b) Any action or actions that is detrimental to the American Motorcyclist Association at a local or National level.
c) All infractions will be submitted to the Governing Body in writing who will in turn via the Secretary call a disciplinary review meeting with the Organizational Club members Representatives, to review and discuss the allegations to see if disciplinary action is required. If it is decided that action must be taken, a letter will be sent to the offender informing them of this action and if they wish to defend themselves on these actions, a special meeting will be called. No disciplinary issues will be discussed at a regular meeting.
If a special meeting is called all parties will be heard, and a decision will be rendered via the Secretary by letter from the governing body showing how the decision was met and what the outcome was
d) All disciplinary resolves must be agreed upon by a 80% vote of the Organizational Body (Club Representatives). All decisions are final once a vote has been handed down on any issue.
e) Clubs participation will be reviewed annually before elections.